S. A. Baxter’s mission is to provide stress-free remodeling experiences to the Bay Area’s most discerning homeowners. Below are a variety of testimonials from our clients who speak to how our methodical project planning and management system makes the remodeling process clear and predictable at every turn. Their trust means the world to us, and we take pride in sharing their thoughts.

After about 20 years of deferred maintenance, it became clear that we would have no choice but to remodel our apartment. We were dreading this process and expecting it to be miserable. At first the big surprise was that nobody was particularly interested in doing the job (we were literally ghosted at least twice). Luckily, we were referred to S A Baxter.

Sid and his team were absolutely fantastic. We started with a detailed budget and a contract – about which Sid very patiently answered about ten thousand questions. Once the project was started, it stayed on schedule and on budget – the ONLY unexpected expenses were (small) changes that we made to the original scope (and were able to be completed without affecting the schedule). Communication hit the perfect balance of detailed enough but not too detailed, timely but not incessant.

Sid’s team was meticulously tidy with the work itself – taking extra steps to ensure that our apartment as well as the common areas were well-protected during the job. One of our neighbors actually commented that he’d never seen a contractor so careful about the common area infrastructure (noticing that the team had built little wooden protectors for the building sprinkler system heads).

Now that the project is DONE and we are back in our apartment – we are beyond thrilled with the quality of the work. Our place feels bigger, brighter, and basically just better. We are SO happy with the work and we give SA Baxter our highest recommendation.

-Jaina S., San Francisco

I would trust these guys with my life.  We worked with them on an extensive renovation — a complete gutting and rebuilding from the studs — of our Penthouse condo in a landmark Nob Hill building.  They have an attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship that is translated to everybody who works on the site, including the subcontractors.  Sid has an understanding of both modern and original building materials, and was competent at managing the installers for our Bulthaup kitchen from Germany and the cabinetry handcrafted here in San Francisco.  I would hire them again in a heartbeat, and will be working with them again if we ever move.
       – Andrea H., San Francisco / Los Angeles

We’ve known Sid for more than 10 years, and his company has done projects for us ranging from tiny (a couple of stairs in the garage) to mid-size (living room and dining room built-ins) to huge (a bedroom, bath, and den addition).  The work is consistently excellent.  Unlike some contractors, they are highly responsible, communicative, and articulate.  In our big project, Sid worked very well with our architect, providing valuable reality checks and feedback about various aspects of the planning.  The crew was considerate of our neighbors, keeping the site clean, being careful about parking, and letting neighbors know when there would be disruptions.  What’s more, they demanded the same courtesy of their subcontractors and didn’t hesitate to replace subs who didn’t live up to their standards.  Sid was careful to keep us updated, especially during tricky parts of the project, and was extremely clear about timing, payment schedule, change orders, and other aspects that can often lead to conflicts and difficulties.  We’ve watched with admiration as Sid has grown his business, and we would not trust our house to anyone but him.
           -S. West, San Francisco


Sid and his crew worked on our extensive bath remodel and re-siding of our entire exterior. We found Sid to be incredibly honest and his crew hard working and dedicated to making the project beautiful and the quality top notch. Sid proved to be an excellent problem solver and worked extremely well with both our architect and interior designer. If you are looking for someone who will dedicate themselves to the project and turn out a beautiful piece of construction then S.A. Baxter is the company for you. His crew became like family to us and we kind of missed them when they were done.
-S. Schwartz, Tiburon

We’ve worked with Sid on multiple projects in multiple houses now, and we feel really lucky to have found a contractor we can depend on. Sid is always responsive and professional, and he balances financial responsibility with quality of work really well. Basically, we know he’s doing a thorough job and not cutting corners, which we really appreciate.         -A. Noe, San Francisco

Sid and his team did a complete gut and remodel of our apartment in 2007; floors, walls, kitchen, bathroom, windows. We loved it then and loved it again when we sold our place in 2015 for twice what we paid for it (including the  remodel). During open houses everyone marveled at the lovely new remodel, eight years later.                                        – J. Young, San Francisco

My experiences with Sid have been terrific. The necessary work was clearly outlined ahead of time in a no  pressure fashion. Cost estimates were spot on if not slightly higher than the final cost. What is most amazing is how clean the work site was kept. Never was there any dust or debris remaining. Sid has worked on at least 4 houses on my block. I expect that number will rise. I will definitely use Sid again.
– K. Gebhardt, San Francisco

I have worked with S. A. Baxter, Inc. several times now, and it has been fantastic.  They have been consistently straight-up at the beginning of projects with how much things will cost, how long they will take and what they will entail.  They work hard to stay within my budget, (even when I do my best to derail it), and always go the extra mile to see that things are done properly – and makes things right that aren’t up to their excellent and rigorous standards.  Sid takes the title and responsibilities of Contractor very seriously.  Plus, his crew takes better care of my place than I do!  I recommend them highly, and will certainly use them again.
– P. Albers, San Francisco

I’ve used a lot of different contractors for work on my house over the years and S. A. Baxter  is the only one I’ve hired back for multiple projects.  They recently completed a full kitchen remodel [for us], and I’d hire them again for future work.   They are very clear about pricing and estimates and what is and is not included.  The people who work for them are very responsible and good at their jobs.  And they are excellent at dealing with the very complicated requirements of picky city inspectors.  I also found the timelines pretty accurate, which is unusual for contractors in my experience.
– D. Paulinski, San Francisco

We had a great experience working with S. A. Baxter, Inc. We hired Sid and his team (Jony and Ambrosio) for […] a small project, compared to what Sid and his team are capable of, and he treated us with the same care and consideration that he would for any of his other, bigger clients. They were timely and honest in their communication throughout every stage of the project. Sid walked us through the estimate, explaining each line item in detail and patiently answering our questions as they came up. He was also able to quickly work us into his schedule, which was a godsend given it was an unexpected project and other contractors we contacted had many month-long delays. On all fronts, S. A. Baxter, Inc. did an excellent job. They worked quickly, but with careful attention to quality and detail. And while it was unfortunate that we had to stay in our home during the construction, they made the experience as pleasant as could be. They were polite, courteous, and respectful throughout the entire project. Though we met under unfortunate circumstances, we’ll be forever grateful for Sid and his team. They did a wonderful job rebuilding our home and were a pleasure to work with. They’re just good people! We can’t recommend S. A. Baxter, Inc. enough.

-A. Lin, The Castro / San Francisco

I am a tile sub-contractor and have worked with Sid on a number of residential projects over the last 6 or so years. I have been in business for 25 years and during that time have worked for many G.C.s. Without reservation, I would say S. A. Baxter, Inc. is one of the best contractors both to work for and to be associated with.  The projects are well-organized, Sid is a direct and respectful communicator both with the subs and with the clients, he is ethical and honest, and, above all, his work is of a very high quality. Besides his razor-sharp wit, Sid’s greatest attribute is his ability to find ingenious solutions for any situation on the job.  All contractors are problem-solvers, but Sid really does stand out above the crowd for his resourcefulness, intelligence and determination.  Whether the job is big or small, Sid’s approach remains the same.  Their motto, borrowed from Henry Ford, is “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”.  I can attest from first-hand experience, Sid really stands behind that.
– James Wishart, Wishart Tile Co., San Rafael

We hired them again to completely remodel our kitchen and bath. Oh, and to install a new hot water heater. And add a railing to our back steps. And do just about everything else involved with converting our TIC to a condo. Now that it’s all done, our apartment is Apartment-Therapy-house tour-worthy. They are fantastic at dealing with city inspectors. Sid’s a gem. Hire them immediately.
-B. Jones, San Francisco

[S. A. Baxter, Inc.] stepped in at a crucial moment in our renovation and solved a serious problem no one else had been able to fix. We were then able to list and show the property on schedule. Sid and his people were thoroughly professional, exceptionally tidy, and kept us up-to-date on the job’s progress. It was a very positive experience. We hope very much to work with them again.
– T. Armstrong, San Francisco

They did a huge deck project for us: a 4 story deck on a steep slope.  They were fantastic to work with: personable, courteous, conscientious, responsible.  [The] construction site was always orderly and immaculate.  The workmanship was great.  It was a pleasure working with them.
-M. Roberge, San Francisco